Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Globe made OFWs life easy!

I am glad I use Globe as my network provider for more than 12 years now. I can always rely with Globe as way of communication with my husband who's always working in a cruise ship. It's really amazing how communication between Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and family made easy with Globe and I experienced it first hand.

One time I rely with Globe is when I get pregnant and gave birth to my youngest daughter Stephanie.
My husband left for his 10 months contract in cruise ship as a photographer, I am alone with my eldest (only five year old then), and living with five year old alone when your pregnant is not easy, with all the emotional ups and down feelings of pregnant woman, where else I can run but through prayers and comport of my husband. I am sure every mother would agree that when your pregnant you always want your husband to be near you for nine months.
For me it's  a very emotional stage, a feeling without someone who can tell your joy of being a mom is sad. Not to mentioned all the back pain and cravings that you need to go through alone. But with the help of prayers and Globe lines and our Globe prepaid I can always text and call to my husband then. I can talk about my pregnancy, my pre natal check ups and cramps of pregnancy with my husband even his roarming in different countries or even days at sea.
With Globe roaming he can always call me too, instantly I get feeling of calmness and secured with my pregnancy.
Until I reached time of giving birth to my baby, I've talked to my husband and heard his voice calming me on everything I am going through. He also used his Globe roaming to call his sister to helped me rushed to the hospital and give some instructions on what to be done while I am in the delivery room for 10 hours.

Giving birth made easy with prayers and help of family and realiable Globe to communicate.
My kids last bonding with their daddy before he joined cruise ship job before Christmas 2012
Now, my eldest Sofia is already 10 years old and my baby now is seven years old, and my husband still working on board, it is not easy to be a parent alone, but with Globe we always have the time to text and talk to our daddy.
As family we pray together over the phone and that make us stronger when he is away from us. We feel even better in everything because we know we pray for each other and we he always there for us!
I will always be glad with my Globe.

How about you how much you rely on your network provider, is it realible too like my Globe?

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