Thursday, July 4, 2013

No to Electronic-Cigarettes!

I am watching the news and see the story about the electronic-cigarettes or e-cigarettes.
The news says World Health Organization (WHO) and Department of Health (DOH) will regulate e-cigarettes. I become curious of this e-cigarettes, what is the difference between the regular cigarettes in the market, I thought?
I tried to smoke when I was in my early 20's, I  tried every brands, but I quit before I get married and become pregnant with my first baby and never smoke again.
I can say smoking is a feeling of wanting to smell the smoke and urge to inhale smoke. A long time smokers will say smoking is relaxing. I agreed that before, but now nothing is more relaxing than praying and reading my Bible.
I really can't tell you now whats difference between them but I gather some informations from WHO to discourage everyone to inhale this e-cigarettes.
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Health Risk of e-cigarrette smoking:
  • A battery operated-stick is not safe. Experts from the World Health Organizations  says using e-cigarettes is like using the  regular smoking cigarette. ( Until now WHO has no scientific evidence to confirm that the product's safety and efficacy. 
  • It is not an alternative.  In other countries using e-cigarettes ended up using regular cigarettes. Contrary to marketers campaigns it is not an answers to anyone who want to stop smoking.
  • E-cigarettes has nicotine.  Experts from WHO warned the public that e-cigarettes contains “pure nicotine” that could lead to fatal conditions like heart attacks and strokes. Nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes instead of the lungs, and absorbed into the body when you puff the vaforized liquid nicotine.
  • E-cigarettes may introduce nicotine addiction. Regardless of how it is taken in, nicotine is still an addictive substance. Using e-cigarette still introduces nicotine into the body and people may still inadvertently get addicted to nicotine.
  •  All over the world e-cigarettes are not yet FDA. Without the carcinogens of smoke, nicotine is still a chemical that is entering the body. FDA has done some testing on liquid nicotine and found that the chemicals can still possibly cause cancer in the body.
These health risk proves that electronic-cigarretes will do no good to anyone. I learn that there is nothing wrong and it won't hurt you if you do not try everything that is extreme for you. Stay healthy everyone.
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