Thursday, June 6, 2013

Junk Food: Chichiria, Soft drinks are not allowed in Schools

I am so happy to hear from the news that Chichiria, Carbonated drinks and artificial flavored drinks are not allowed in school canteens anymore.
I asked my kids to watch too, for the news applies to them.  My thought, at least I made clear with my children that junk foods like chichiria and soft drinks are not allowed in school.
What a great news!
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In my understanding, and imparted to my kids, all school canteens are not allowed to sell everything that is bad food, unhealthy food and chichiria, carbonated drinks and artificial flavored drinks are bad for the health of students because it cannot help them participate well in school.

According to Department of Health  (DOH) chichiria is not allowed because of too much salt, this includes variety chichiria, though they did not give specific names but my kids aware that chichiria are like Chippy, Tortillos, Taqiutos, Clover, Oishi products, Pringles, Lays, chocolates are not good.

It may sound boring to everyone but chichiria are not allowed in our house and I am glad not in school now too. Thats so good news to me.
What I have in mind; now my children will think twice before eating junk food in school, because they also learn from the news that chichiria cause children not just to eat properly but also cause them to be weak in school and they don't like that to happen.
Not that I don't allow my children to taste chichiria; even I, love to eat such food on my "cheats day" but recently my youngest daugther Stephanie visited her pedia due to not eating well. And the doctor said she does not allowed to eat any chichiria and juices because shes loosing her appetite, and it end up giving her expensive vitamins now just to eat well.
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On carbonated drinks, it has too much sugar; Stephanie asked, "mom what is carbonated drinks?" My eldest daughter Sofia answers her;  "these are Coke, Sarsi, Royal, Sprite, Pepsi, 7up, Sprite" I am glad she knows it because these drinks not only bad for children but for adult too.
Now that my Stephanie needs to eat more, we hardly drink soft drinks, even we are out, we always bring jar of water to make sure they drink water in a day.

For artificial flavored drinks such as Zesto juice drinks, Sanglo, Jungle Juice etc. These drinks has also lots of sugar too.
Since my Sofia went to school I don't put these drinks on her lunch box not even now for my Stephanie.

Luckily the school of my girls practice no bad food in the canteen ever since, they actually sell rice, viand and merienda for kids who don't have baon.
I don't have to worry about food for my kids for I always bring them lunches.
I don't even allowed my kids to bring money, though my eldest is already requesting now since she's already in grade six. I am boring mom? No, I just don't allow my kids to eat unhealthy food without me seeing it and asking them to drink plenty of water afterwards, I am glad the DOH make it mandatory and clear to kids so that I will not need to explain further.

How about you? Are you glad that junk foodies are ban in school canteens?

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