Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NBA game ticket to the Philippines worth Pph32,000

Reading all notifications from my Facebook; I've red a status post of a friend saying that
"Php32, 000 for a NBA game in the Philippines! Manonood nalang ako ng "paliga ng Barangay" (Php32,000 NBA game in the Philippines, No way! I will watch a community basketball game instead)...I laugh a lot, I have to comment too! even I am not really a big fan of basketball game.
Reading all the comments, friends says they will also boycot the NBA in the Philippines for its ticket price and I end up commenting "Wow! Pang amortization na ng house yon!" (Wow! It's for house amortization already!)

Come on Philippines is always on the news with most poor of the poorest people and then an NBA game will cost P32,300, bleachers tickets is P8000+!
Says who that Philippines is poor, we can get NBA for price ticket of P32,000!

Was it the news lying, or the government lying? I heard that the GNP of the Philippines is blossoming, meaning government is doing well in terms of economic gain. And maybe having NBA stars to play here, wow! It must be really blossoming!
Not to mentioned big Hollywood stars who also show off here last month like Vin Diesel, Sara Jessica Parker, Nina Garcia etc. I am really happy for the Philippines it's a sign of progress, we been visiting by international personalities, and it's a good for the economy that Philippines is in lime life. It's alive! But spending too much for NBA games is not funny.

I've checked the website of NBA Philippines the tickets for the NBA Global Games Philippines 2013 featuring the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers hosted by NBA Philippines and SM, it was announced that tickets for a seat at Section E of the Mall of Asia Arena will be sold for as low as Php550, but the other seats will go for Php4,200 (Section D), Php8,400 (Section C), Php27,000 (Premium B) and Php32,300 (Premium A). Section C and D, and Premium A and B tickets come with free Global Games merchandise.

Maybe I am not just a fan of NBA stars, but I will not really spend P32,000 watching NBA game for only two to three hours.

And even if I am a fan or even if i have money to buy ticket it is not worth spending?
I can imagine things I can possibly do with P32,000, if not for my house amortization, maybe I would buy a new comfy bed, or I will spend it for vacation with my husband and kids. Not for a basketball game!

Comments from the post says they will watch it if it's for free. Some says they know that you can buy tickets for Php500 (actually its Php550)and put laugh signs because Php550 you end up watching almost on the roof.
I can imagine my friends giggles too while reading the Facebook post but in my personal views as a practical person, watching NBA game is a waste of money!

Maybe an elite people or a A and B class would spend that big amount of money for basketball game but not an ordinary or average Filipinos even the GNP or economy goes up.
I can help but remembering news about poor and poorest of our countrymen who suffered hunger even it says on the news that the economy is doing well, then you'll watch NBA basketball game for P32,000 or P8000+ on bleachers.
I just hope that the news match the news from the government, if they says the economy is blossoming no news aired a street children begging for food, or a public schools lacks books and chairs, then maybe an NBA game tickets match the average Filipinos to enjoy too.
How about you will you spend Pph32,000 for NBA game?

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