Sunday, June 2, 2013

Video of woman hitting child goes viral

I watched late news last friday night at Bandila -ABS-CBN about a viral video of a woman hitting her child in a jeepney by a bottle of water. It says on the news that authorities are now looking for the woman who hit the child on public.
Video of woman hitting child goes viral post also in DSWD website

I'm a kind a worried about the woman. I felt sad for her. I just thought that she might be so scared now, and maybe shes hiding now.
She might felt devastated of what she did, and felt like a criminal at large.
The video is currently running on the official website of the Department of Social welfare and Development (DSWD) and viral now on YouTube She maybe really afraid now, news spread says that she may face sanctions under a Child Abuse Law! It must been hard for her feelings, for a normal wife, for a simple mother.

Not that I agree on what the woman did on video. I would not ever do that to my kids, even I've lost my temper. I maybe shout to scare them a bit, but not in public.
For her, I cannot stop thinking to put my self to her feet; and ask myself why she did that to the child? No one really knows.

What I thought when I've seen the video on YouTube( )? My interpretation, the woman is facing a lot of problems now in her mind that cause her to be in bad mood and hurt the child.
Maybe she is suffering great financial trouble that even a value of pencil makes a big deal then and trigger her anger. I am not sure but maybe she also has emotional problem too that cause her to spanked the child even in public.

If these is her reasons to hurt the child, I pity her.
The woman might need a medical experts to help her instead of condemning her. Everyone might seen such actions from anyone, from ordinary people not only in a jeepney, sorry for her that she caught on camera by someone and upload it on YouTube!

Everyone would agreed that she has her fault but who are we to judge what she has to do. Do we know her? All we have seen is a video of a woman hitting a child, we don't even know if the child is her son? Why we don't wait for her to explain before judging her.
Who knows she may submit her self with the authority when she is not viral anymore.
Who knows what she really felt now for her son after seeing their video goes viral?
I still believe that a heart of a mother only wants a best for her child and  this video only adding to her problems.

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