Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miracles needs participation!

Christine Del Rosario

Miracles needs your hard work!

A thought that will give us an idea that miracles cannot be done until you do the works of your hand.
The Bible teaches us to have faith but you need to do the working to see the miracles to happen.
Pastor David Sumrall says in his daily devotional video at and that miracle only happen when the man do their part.

Miracles is not surprised!
When we do pray, we ask God to give what we want and stay waiting for it to happen overtime.
The Bible clearly says we should ask God for help (Psalm 40:13) and he will do it for every one who has faith in him. But it also says in the word that we should do hard work, for hard work will supply all your every needs (Proverbs28:19).

Pastor Sumrall said "The miracle happens only after when the man do theiNJr part."
Meaning you simply cannot just get your dream house, dream car, dream business and dreams whosoever if you were just sleeping all day long in your apartment. And then blame God and nag God why bad things happened so bad in your life.
Your hard work brings rewards (Proverbs12:14) so why stop working and be rrewarded.

Faith is dead without work!
Yes we all know that we believed God. We all have our excuses to say that we are believers of words.
Yet if you did not practice your believing theres no faith (Genesis 15:6). Faith comes from hearing the word of God everyday. You and I need to do devotion or daily Bible reading so we can meditate on Gods word for us everyday to guide us.
"God do his part, after man do his part! When we put works into faith and we do the thing we should do, God will do what he will do for your life." Pastor Sumrall said.

It is clearly said in the Bible lazy people starves and laziness bring poverty (Proverbs6:6).
So whats your choice go to work or be at poverty?

God wants you to work on with your miracles.
Truly nothing we can do if we don't ask God's favor and guidance. Everyday we should ask God to give us wisdom and knowledge in everything we plan and everything we want in our life.
God gives wisdom for those who seek it (James1:5). If we find wisdom, we must  first find God (Proverbs2:6-12). So if you want to be guided by God's sure ways, you must work to know Gods word.

Participate on your faith.
Don't wait for surprised miracles! Like Moses who put his shaft in the sea to give way for Israelites, or Lazarus who get back after three days of being dead (Jonh11:38-41), God wants us to do something to fulfilled his promised in our life, do the working!
Plus live right, stop sinning; adultery, lying, drunkenness, laziness, greed or anything that hindered blessings of God.
Jesus hate sin because it has destructive consequences (Genesis3:11-19), and we should avoid doing it (James4:17).
Get involved with your faith and watch God to provide miracles in your life now!

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