Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to be a Father?

Now my kids are growing up the more I realize that I need my husband beside me to help me raising our two girls. But due to work abroad as seaman, he always needs to leave us and come back every after 10 months and leave us again after six weeks of rest/vacation.
Sometimes, I envy some kids that they don't need to grow without their father beside them.

I am sadden in the situation that the father of my home needs to leave us to give our children a better future. More moms can relate with this, but we need to be strong to times that we cannot talked to him, be at peace with time we are not together, keep praying  and watch my children grow with my own discipline ways and teaching.
My husband and two girls at the airport last December2012
 I am truly glad that there always been a help from our relatives and teaching from our church Cathedral of Praise where I can get inputs on how to be father/parents to my girls, I will surely share this to my husband and to everyone:

1. Instruct your kids- No one can carefully instruct your kids like you do. As a father you have the right and responsibility to give instructions to your kids while they are growing up.
 It is in the Bible that father must give faithful instructions to their kids so that they will not be astray (Proverbs18).
Always teach them the fear of the Lord (Deuteronomy6:7-9). While they are small train them in walk with God (Ephesians6:4).

2. Provide for your children - As a father it is your responsibility to provide for your children.  Meaning every father should work hard for the needs of their children. No BUT'S! No questions ask! It is not a mother's part. It is written in the Bible that father should work for the family (1Timothy5:8). It is frame ware of a father to be a provider.

3. Discipline your child - If you love and care for your child you must discipline him. Not that you are you re going to spank him all the time he made a mistakes but be there to teach him a lessons and consequences of his actions. What kind of a father you are if you would not think and care to discipline your child (Hebrew2).

4. Father needs to lavish love for there children - (1John3:1) It is clear lavish love for your children. I believe in the words that we should enjoy our kids while they are young.
Same as father, you have to let your love be felt by your child. Always give your boys a bear hug, tell them that you are always there for them, tell them that you love them not only in work but speak it in words.

Kid's needs a loving care of their father not only a mother. This is a strong word that all men should know.
As parents we should always be praying for our kids, for above all materials things they needed in life, your prayer is all they need for always. Being a parents is a responsibility not a work title.

Train up your a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs22:6

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