Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kids discipline to World Wide Web

After second periodical exam, my eldest daughter Sofia brag me about opening her Facebook account. Because of her wonderful twinkling eyes "Mom please please!!!" of course I say yes to her to access her Facebook.
Then after a minute my seven year old Stephanie also said "Mom can I log in to YouTube? She ask permission since I used my Google account to registered her name to Superbook   to watch her favorite Bible story cartoon show. I wonder if my kids are not disciplined to ask permission to use Internet at home or if I am not aware of them using wifi to log in Facebook or YouTube.
My Stephanie and her favorite site.
Facebook and YouTube are just a few websites that kids loved to surf now but there are also many dark web corners that need to tone down for your children. Now that internet is common among household,  its easy for kids to use their cellphones, tablets, computers to access internet for Facebook, YouTube among others. It is also rampant the topic of cyberbullying, with craze of internet how can we protect our children?

Discipline your child
It comes from the verse in the Bible Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Every mother or parents would agree that they want their children to be safe in using internet  but how can we do that if we cannot totally guard our kids 24/7 using safe internet or safe website?
Disciplining your child using Internet connection is one way to f protect him.

  •  Give him or her the right time in using computer or gadget at home. After school homework  is more convenient so they can  also learn to prioritize school first. Weather you see or not their assignment, ask their decision too if its OK to them to open computer or gadgets. Remind them of their school works like quizzes or spelling to memorize or recitation that needs to study first. In doing so, you offer them free will to do what is more important with their time.
  • Teach him or her to ask permission in using Internet. It is OK to teach kids to ask. My house, my rules! Not that you became authoritarian, but setting rules in your house makes kids think first before doing so. Children can learn how to obey your rules like simply asking permission to do something in your home like using internet, like teaching them to ask if they can watch television. I don't know when it started to set this rules at my house but  kids simply ask my permission to open television  and wifi. Maybe they seen that i am not a television or web person. Simple rules can rule and you will see it works.
  • Tell them that you need to see the websites that they need to open. With right explanation on why you need to see their prospect site, photo or video will mark to kids that you have control over it. Explain to them that you need to see it too because you want them to be safe. And if its not good, explain to your child immediately that the site, the picture or the video is not good for him or her.  I once told that kids are bright. When you thought that they don't know, they know. You cannot hide things from children, they know good and bad, so it is more okey if you will explain to them right away the things they don't need to see or know.
  • Teach your child to be careful on the Internet. Once your child started to brows Internet or starting to use Facebook, remind them of whats good and bad post. I always tell to my daughter to watch out of the posts on Facebook, especially those pictues of adult content, videos of harassment, bad words, secular songs, bad jokes among others. Tell them that don't just post or click. Think twice before posting and think before you click likes.
  • Safeguard your Internet connection. Gladly there is a sites now where parents can safeguards the Internet activity of children like the Norton Family  and KuruPira WebFilter to help you  monitor and control your child's activity over the Internet.
Weather we like it or not its all over the Internet, we cannot safeguard our children 24/7 but we can discipline them so that he will not depart from it even in Internet browsing.

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