Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas on a budget!

After the All Saints Day, some people are worried for it's Christmas again. Some say that they all need money to spend for Christmas. It is so sad that people think of money every Christmas. Why we need to think of money with Christmas? Christmas is a season of love not money. But reality bites, so I will share some budget tips on how to enjoy Christmas without spending too much.

Christmas is time to remind us of God's love to us and reminder of everything beautiful about the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a time of Christmas Tree again, Christmas lights, Parols, Christmas nativity, Star lights, Christmas gifts, Christmas parties, Christmas Carole, etc. But, we can celebrate and be happy with Christmas Celebration without over spending .

For my kids, Christmas is the most exciting part of the year. So, I always make a way for them to feel that every Christmas is special to us and spreading love is the most important part because of Jesus.

Here are some budget fitting ideas for everyone to celebrate best Christmas ever!

Budget Decor
Every Christmas, my kids and I are excited to make our Christmas decor for our home. Last Christmas my husband and I tried to make our own white Christmas tree, made of torn trees that we picked from the backyard of our neighbor.
My husband was home last Christmas so it is easy for us to pick torn trees and build it as Christmas Tree. We painted it with white paint. My family really enjoys decorating that theme Christmas tree that we placed in front of our door. Kids enjoys to helped us by putting old Christmas balls and Christmas stars to it. Adding white Christmas lights gives beautiful glows to our self made Christmas tree. Relatives and friends who came to visit are really astonished. We have fun decorating it that is the most important part of it. This year I am thinking of something like it but changing some designs.
Total budget :
Torn Tree Branches                                     - For Free
Two 100 bulbs Christmas Lights                 - P220
One Quart White Pain                                  - P130
Old Christmas balls and stars                       - For Free
Total Amount we spend for decor in 2014   - P350
Thinking Christmas decor and celebration with family can make everything more meaningful and lovely
Christmas Dresses and Shoes
Christmas would not be complete for all kids without new dress and shoes. All kids somehow wants to have new pairs of shoes every Christmas. I know every mother can relate with that thought.
As a mother of a teenager and a nine-year old, I learned that they can change shoes and dresses so fast for they change their height, body type and feet size every month. So, why will you buy extravagant shoes or one time Christmas dress?
I always told my kids that you can be beautiful and look expensive without spending too much with dresses and shoes. I am so blessed that my kids are trained to understand the value of money and spending too much for clothes cannot make you more look good.
Last Christmas, we bought a beautiful silver and green dress for my youngest daughter, and a neon pink dress for my teenager in a mall's year end sale before December. We bought their dress in advance, we choose better dresses, and shoes in advance. We save money for beautiful pair of shoes last Christmas and we are planning to do early Christmas shopping this year again.
Total Buget  
Beautiful silver & green dress of my youngest - P600
Beautiful neon pink dress of my eldest             - P400
White Ballet Shoes for my youngest                 - P300
Doll Shoes for my eldest                                   - P299.75
Total Christmas outfit of kids                            -P1,599.75
My two girls with their Chic and Beautiful Dresses last Christmas 2014

Christmas Gifts
Every month I tried to buy reserved gifts. Every time I go to malls, I tried to look for items or something that I can give to someone as a gift. This way I can keep more gifts in advance for my friends and relatives. By doing this, I can always save time for Christmas rush for I already bought some gifts in advance.
The clue is think of someone in advance for your gift giving and you can always save time and money for buying gifts in advance. Some items are more expensive during Christmas seasons. Also set budget for buying gifts. Not that you are being stingy about it but you need to think of budget for Christmas. All money out for the season is not good at all. Remember to save something for the rainy days.

Christmas Season Enjoyment
Christmas enjoyment is not all about money. As family or even with your friends you can visits good places where you can enjoy Christmas season without spending at all. Beautiful memories are all free, you just need to be creative on how to make one.
Try to visit the parks and city like of Makati who started to light up the street of Makati City last November 3, 2015 for Christmas. They feature the different churches of the Philippines ages 300 years and above with historical value. In a press release of greenbulb the Executive of the Ayala Land Inc.,led the ceremonial lighting. They have Christmas bazaars and you can enjoy all light presentations of old churches made from all lights for free. 
You can also visit malls and they sets some area of the malls for beautiful nativity every Christmas, it is good for photo opportunity, you only need to be creative by taking your pictures.
The Ceremonial Christmas Lighting of  street of Makati City featuring 300 years old churches in the country
Christmas Night
Every Christmas Eve, my family always go to church to celebrate Jesus' birth. In our church at Cathedral Of Praise , Christmas is the most anticipated service of the year, where we gather as a family to enjoy Christmas Songs, Christmas Dances and Christmas service. Kids are very excited to this event every year for they are always blessed to be part of Christmas presentations and also my husband and I as part of the choir. The Church Service is absolutely free, so all we need to do is ready ourselves to be part of this biggest celebration of the year. Why not spend your Christmas in the church with your family?
Total Budget : 
Fare P50 each x 4 of us - we only need  - P400
The true meaning of Christmas is to spend it with your family and love one.

Christmas Dinner
Every home prepares food for family for Noche Buena. But aside from this Noche Buena, we also prepare dinner for our family. With my family, we are always attending church service so we don't need to prepare a dinner meal in the house, we usually eat light meal or sandwich or salad at the church before the service starts. And we will go home to prepare our Noche Buena.
Total Budget :
Light meal       -  P300

Noche Buena
Of course, Christmas wont be complete without the Noche Buena for the whole family. Filipino families are very known for its love for food. Usually its Pancit, loaf bread, fried chicken, lechon, different cooked pasta, different kind of salads and etc.
For my family, I usually prepare simple Noche Buena since we cannot eat a lot after church. Sometimes, I just cooked pasta, a chicken meal, and fruit salad.
Noche Buena do not need to be expensive. I don't know with others but I can only cook food that can be eaten. Not much, but cook just enough for your family. It will be waste of time and money if you will cook plenty of food for Noche Buena and then throw it. Usually on December 25th you are out of your house and celebrate with your relatives and the food you cooked for Noche Buena will not be eaten.
Total Budget:
Chicken Meal           - P156
Cooked Pasta            - P250
Fruit Salad                - P300
Total Noche Buena   -P706

Christmas is here again, all are excited to celebrate it for sure. Work in a budget for your family for you don't have to spend much to be happy. Be with your family and do everything together this season that can make you feel more happy and fulfilling. Always remember that Christmas is not just for expensive Christmas decor, Christmas gifts, Christmas dress and shoes, or over spending dinner or Noche Buena. What matters is you celebrate every Christmas with your family and love one. Who says you can't celebrate Christmas without over spending.

"Over spending on Christmas season is a choice. Why spend too much if all beautiful moments in life are free."  

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