Friday, May 3, 2013

God's word

By Christine Del Rosario

 "Stop sinning or something worst may happen to you. (John5:14)
This is a strong word from God that awaken my senses while doing my daily devotions and watching our Undersheperd Pastor David Sumrall talks on

I stalked at the moment to the word, "stop sinning or something worse might happen to you" and in my understanding, if I keep sinning something worst may come into my life.
Was it a warning, I thought to myself?
They say that if you felt the word it is you that had been spoken to.
It must be really me?! I 'am scared because I don't want anything worse to happen in my life. But when I go on deeper reading to my Bible, I realized that the word was not to scared me, but to understand that God is giving me guidance to live a righteous life, so that I may live a life abundantly.

Never to scares God's word
The word of God is an encouraging words to lift your spirit everyday.Jesus can give us peace (Romans 5:1) and we can have peace through prayer (Philippians 4:47). God is giving us wisdom and knowledge to have better understanding of life. His words is not to condemn us but to enlighten us (Psalm119:105).

Sword from the word
God's word is a sharp double edged swords that penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit joints and narrow; it judge judges thoughts and attitudes of the ( Hebrews 4:12).
Hearing God's word makes every ones heart melt, my heart beat faster every time he talked to me through my bible. Now, it makes me to reflect again of the things I do and not do in my present life while God is blesses me of the things I wanted to.

Stop sinning
When God blesses your life stop sinning. Pastor Sumrall said, "when God given you miracles, healing in your bodies and make your financial situations around and done incredible things for you, the best response is to live a righteous life. (Romans1:1) The goodness of the Lord bring repentance."
"You and I need to understand that when we are sinning we lift the hedge of God's protections around us "he added.

Obey God to abundant life
God will never hold all good things to those who obey and love him, his love endures forever (Psalm 107:1). He always promised you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)if you will carefully obey his words.

What faith can do
Through everyday prayer and devotions, you will develop your faith and attitude towards understanding God. Faith comes from hearing the word of God and put us in a right relationship with God (Romans5:1, Romans10:17).

Fear of God
Fear of God is the is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs1:7) this words makes me smile again because I fear God alone (Psalm25:12), and he give me an assurance again that God will protect me (Genesis15:1).
God gave me a warning not to sin for worst thing might happen in my life if i keep sinning, yet he promised that he helps his people keep from sin (Psalm19:13).

Love God.
To love God is to hate evil. You and I cannot continue sinning if we love God because God hates evildoer (Psalm26:5).

To sin or not to sin. These is our choices, To live a life abundantly with God's mercy and love or to live in life without God's secured loved. Which one you will pick?

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