Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy wife, Happy life! Wife of Noble Character.

By Christine C. Del Rosario

Wife in great value.
We defined wife as a complete picture of mother, the better half and a spouse.
According to Wikipedia ( ) wife is a female lifetime partner.

My point of the word, wife must posses with good qualities and joggling of being a mom, wife and working.
But what exactly a character of a complete wife, mother or woman or spouse?

People says that you can't be a perfect wife if you did not see yourself growing in a marriage, and cannot be a complete woman if you don't experienced to be a wife, mother an a partner. A one whole package!

As I do my Bible reading and devotion and stopped in Proverbs 31:10-31 the Epilogue: Wife of Noble Character, I thought to my self then: "there is a thing wife teaching in the Bible?" After reading, it ends up all my simple perceptions of woman and wife today that should be classy and adorned.
May i share it to you:   The Bible principles of wife in noble character: "

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

Wife: (Proverbs30:10-12) worth as Diamond.
Being a woman and wife you should worth far more the rubies (Proverbs 30:10). You get married simply because your husband asked you to be his wife.
Meaning you are worthy of his love, you are his important jewels! You possesses qualities that your husband is looking for a wife, that's why he marry you. Viceversa, you marry him because he has all the qualities that you want for a husband. Otherwise you will not agreed to be with a man who cannot be your man!
Remember, you will never be a wife of your husband not until he asked you to be his wife.
Be greatful and be happy because not all women asked by a man to be his wife, vowed to be his better half forever. Be deserved to called as his wife.

Be married is a blessing from God.

Built your husband trust.
Build your husband confidence (Proverbs30:11) in everything you do. You are his better half, a right word to described "his".
When he is away, make sure he will never worry because he knows he can trust you in everything. His kids, house, bank, his future.
Why will you ruin his trust anyways if he gives it to you?
If we look around and sees old couples, you will amazed that they stayed strong and loved each other; because they trust each other.

Biblical principles is clear,  be a wife with high respect of your self. Don't be a woman who cannot be trusted. For example, when your husband is working hard, keep his earnings
safe and be sees it within your house, with you and kids. Weather its big or small earnings show him that you can do the budgeting and enjoyed the pleasures of his hard work. In that way, he will work harder to give you more because you care and used his earnings wisely. The key word is don't waste!

My wedding picture 10years ago.

Shine like a Diamond.
Be your husband ego. Aside from being on his side all the time, let your husband be proud of you and let him be a man who respected by many because you always do good  in everything for him (Proverbs30:23).

Don't make things that can cause him to be ashamed of you as her wife. A simple example; Don't get drunk around with his friends! Be your best always, talk wisely around people, avoid street talks. As simple as living right.
Bring your self confidence too on what you are wearing and been doing when you are out with your friends. it is important that you always look good, always smart and clean. Be better because you are with his name, remember.
Do you want others to tell you, "you look better before without your husband"?

Be his owned Love
Do you want your husband to value you as his own? Surround him with love , care and faithfulness so that he will make your life secure (Proverbs 20:28). Personally, I don't think a wife can cheat with her husband if she truly love him.
Both man and women in marriages cheats because they simply allow to be Tempted. The Bible says (Genesis 3:1-6) temptations comes from Satan, and getting involved with other man rather your husband is avoidable (Proverbs 7:1-5). Keep away from it, there are ways to run from it (1Corintians 10:13).

Always pick your battles.
Do not waste your energy in starting a fight! (Proverbs21:19) Constant nagging and nitpicking can cause sadness in your home. Avoid complaining even in small things.
Rather than nagging your husband of the things he cannot do, focus your mind on how to help him and start to show him the most important things that need to be done.
You are his life partner, isn't hard to argue over on everything.
The number one causes of separation among married couples are fighting over silly little things that gets bigger and bigger as the kids grow.

If you want your husband to shows his vulnerability and be his best friend, show kindness to him everyday. Be a cheerful wife not a nagging wife. Good words can uplift spirits (Proverbs 16:24).

Pray together.

Having close relationship with God will help you manage your married life. God's love will also give you grace to forgive your husband when he has mistakes or viceversa.
Spend each day a time of prayer to open your hearts for his love and guidance. Nothing can be done in your life if God is not the center of your marriage.
Prayer is powerful,  you have to sealed it in Jesus name!  

Happy wife, Happy life

Marriage is no guaranteed of happy ever after. But there is a thing as happy wife, happy life. If the wife is happy, every home is guaranteed happy.
Its is your choice as a woman to make your marriage happy and fulfilled. Don't  give your husband reasons to be sorry that you are his wife. It takes two to tango the saying goes, but Bible teaches us the right ways how to be a wife. A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs30:31).

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