Saturday, May 4, 2013

Prayer for success

By Christine Del Rosario

Everyone wants to have a perfect life, but struggles always come on our ways and we sometimes give in to troubles; loosing our self doing nothing and just waiting for failure come.
But why we need to wait for failure if we can pray ahead of time to protect your plan from failing?

  • God's plan rooted , not your plan
Ever since the beginning God has a purposed in our life (Genesis1:1). You and I need to accept that God's plan is far better than our plan.
 If you pray seek the purposed of God in your life because if it is not his purposed it can't ever happen no matter hard work you made. The Bible says in John5:19 Jesus gave them an answer, "I tell you the truth the son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his father doing because whatever the father does the son also does.

  • Place of prayer

Where do you pray? In the mall, in your kitchen, in the market? To have God to answer you with your prayer, you need to read your Bible in a place where you can communicate with him with your heart. Pastor David Sumrall says on one of his daily devotions teaching on "Pray in the place where you could be answer."

  • Jesus answers your prayers

Believe it or not God answers your prayer. He hears us when we pray if we are not purposely sinning (Micah3:4) God is not slow to answer. He is God and everything and anything he can do his purpose and he is quick to answer. Remember that prayer is powerful (James5:16)

  • Keep silent
After praying,  keep quiet, shout your mouth and silently observe how God will answered your prayer. Pastor Sumrall said: "sometimes we scares answered prayer away. Sit back and watch God how he will do it"

  • Give thanks to God
When everything has been in properly arranged with your life, and God's plan has been full-filled, come back to God and worship him with all your heart. Don't forget to give thanks to him for he answers your prayer. "People get more miracles when they know how to go back and say thank you (Luke17)" Pastor Sumrall ended.

So what are you waiting for, start praying for your success! 

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