Monday, May 6, 2013

Six ways for a child to grow wonderfully!

By Christine del Rosario

Naturing your child is the softest and hardest job in the world, because as your child grow you will see yourself growing old too! Every parents would agree that giving the best for your child is one thing you want to do alot while watching them grow.
Teaching your child the best attitude makes them wonderful!
As parents we would like to give them all material things that money can afford to, best gadgets, all the comfort that they need and quality education from most expensived school to teach them well. Ofcourse all the best for your child!

But did you know that there are only six ways in the Bible that teaches us for a child to become a wonderful person when she or he grow up?

Heres how:
1.Don't send away your child!
Every child do something that can make you feel mad and sad, intentional or not intentional children are born to that. But never ever say to your child to "go away!" when you are mad.  Always remember that kids are young and they want to learn everything; thats why they need you to guide them and be with them all the time.
A child needs to be assured that you are with them no matter what happened. Jesus called by God, "My Son, whom shall I please" (Matthew 3:16-17). Every child needs to belong to you, guaranteed them that you will never leave them in times of thier mistakes.

2.A child must hear that they are loved!
These words must come literary "I love you." Saying i love you really necessary to boost the confident of your love to your child. I love you even in public is one way to lift their hearts because they are assured that you are there to love them and you make it known to everyone (Luke 20:13).
Why will you be shy to say I love you to your child, anyway?

 3.Tell your kids "I' am please with you!"
If you scold your child by thier mistakes,and sometimes forget that you scold them in public, you should need to praise them in public too (Matthew 3:17). Give them a tap on their shoulders when they do good and address their name publicly that you are, "very proud of them" of the good thing he or she did. In returned they will extend their ways to do  good more.

4.Say "I trust you"
In everything your child do, put an assurance that you trust them with their ways. Child need to have a sense of responsibility while they are growing up.
Teaching them to become responsible now makes them more responsible in doing decissions in later life (John13:3-4). Let them decide to do's and don't. With guidance, make sure they know that they will learned the consequences of their actions if they do this and that.

5.Your words are valued.
Believe it or not your child listen to you when you are talking.
But when they are talking too listen to them (John13:4) You need to teach your children to express themselves. Their opinion is important too.  In a family situation, let them talk. In the family gathering let their opinion be heard, let them learn to express themselves in giving their opinion and give credits if this is good one. Parents should be the number one listener of their opinion. If they are not heard in the comfort of your home, how do you expect him/her to give opinion out side with friends.

6. Say to your child "I want to teach you"
In everything that your child do, show and teach them the things that they dont understand! Show them everything, (John5:20-23) let them understand the things you decide with.
No secrets in the family! Did you think that you can really hide from a 13  year old kid? I don't think so! Those little ears hears and knows everything.
Your child is a part of your family they deserve to understand everything, like your financial situation. Rather than hide it,  talk to them and explain to them the situation so they can understant what you need to be done as family, let them be part of your decission.

Prayer is important!

Above all things that had been said, prayer for your child everyday is very important!
You always pray to have the things that are needed like clothes, shoes, tuition fee, etc., but why not pray for them to grow to be a trully wonderful person inside and out.

Wishing words is ok, but if you pray for them it results of life time assurance of God's love to your little ones.

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