Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's Travel Philippines Best

I am planning a vacation with my family this month since its my husband's 40th birthday. I want it to be special, since it's been a long time since our last vacation. Now I want it more memorable and perfect too with our kids.
First, I want  a vacation out of the country but when I checked the internet for our destination, i get excited with an article from a travelers news from a magazine's online site, says that the Philippines ranked second in its "Top 10 hot destinations" now for 2013.
Thats a big good news for Filipinos like me, aba! My kids should experience to travel around the best vacation destination here in our own country first before travelling abroad.  

department of Tourism
Palawan Underground River 
My kids should experience the beautiful Islands of Palawan. My husband and I want them to see the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River. It was named one of the new seven wonders of nature, interesting to show kids how wonderful it is not only from text books and internet. The beautiful El Nido aside from the fact that Palawan now ranked as First best tourist destination in the Philippines this year.

Boracay Island from Getty Images
Personally I love Boracay, thought its not in top lists according to the international travel magazine’s like in 2012. Never I will forget the white sand that I really want to show it to my kids minus all the bars around the beach.  The islands  is on its  third year in a list  as one of the Philippines Best to Travel + Leisure Magazine's "World's Best Awards." 

Bohol famous tourist attractions from
Bohol is in the top three tourist destinations in the Philippines. Kids are excited to see a live Tarshirs. This is the 10th largest island of the Philippine archipelago. It lies southeast from Cebu Island and is surrounded by other islands on all sides which shielded Bohol from the typhoons that often occur in the region.

It is amazing how Philippines get into top 10 of this list as second best tourist destinations amids of all the bad news all over the internet, but this is a proof that Philippines still has its best among other countries and we should be proud of it.
" Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan" and thats what we will going to do now as parents we will introduce these beautiful places to our kids soon. I can wait to visits these wonderful places again after years, after all these vacation is for my family, I just hope we can book on time and find the best travel deals on line.

How about you what is your best vacation in the Philippines best Islands?

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