Saturday, July 13, 2013

7 Ways to Find a Nanny

The news spread a face of a yaya (nanny) who hurt a three months old baby caught through CCTV.
CCTV footage from ABS-CBN NEWS

What in a world can someone like this nanny hurt an innocent baby? I am very disappointed  nanny's relatives depending her telling that she can't do that. It has been caught in a CCTV, she did shake and spanked the three month old baby. This yaya  needs to learn her lesson so that every nannies will not do such a thing too.

But what really a qualities of nanny should have before hiring them for your baby? I have some tips for you:

1. Background check your Yaya 
It matters that you know the background of your nanny. You will ask her to take care of your child and it is important to know everything about her too. Of course it is a basic to know the details of her bio data, name, age etc., but it is important to know the additional details like ; where she lives (if you have chance to visit her place where she stayed before hiring her check) what she do before she applied for you, why she needs the job of taking care of your child, ask her why not be a sales lady? These basic information will help you listen to her reasoning.

2. Psychological Background.
Not that your being paranoid of background check but you have to know if she fits the qualities that you are looking for a nanny. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) said Psychological background is important in hiring nanny, for you to know her more before hiring a caregiver. You are about to give her your confidence of taking care of your child. You must at least sure you live your baby in good hands not in a lunatic.

3. Check the validity of her answers.
You must be sure that she tells the truth before hiring her. I did this with our nanny before hiring her for my 2months old baby before. I make a point that I interview too the person who recommended her and ask why the nanny needs the job. Where can I locate the parents of the nanny, what she do on her province before going to Manila to be a yaya.  For me these question will establish her needs to be hire and her focus on the job if you sustain her needs and benefits.

4. Check health conditions of your nanny.
 Have your family doctor check her medical conditions before letting her touch your baby. For me it is a must that I know my nanny is healthy. No medical conditions that  needs to be alarm for like Hepatitis. She will be holding my baby most of the time and I have to make sure shes not carrying any transferable diseases that can cause my baby sick while on her care.

5.Cleanliness is next to goodness
For me yaya  needs to be clean at all times. She will be holding my baby at any given time. She needs to have clean nails all the time and  it is important she dint have body odor. Please!

6.Care for your caregiver too.
We must understand that a Yaya, a nanny or a caregiver is a person too. You have to take care of her too, give her a decent place to stay to in your house. Treat her as important as part of your family. You are there to help her too. Give her all the benefits for her to sustain her personal needs too,  good food for her no reasons to miss her task with your child, make sure you talk to her about your child before the day end.

7. You need to bring Yaya to church.
When you hire your nanny, make sure you point her the importance of your relationship with Jesus in your house. You go to church every week and she needs to come with you too. For me and my husband, we simply say with nanny that she needs to be with us in church every week.
We believe that as we bring her to church, she will learn the teachings of how to value her work as blessing, she will learn that my child is not a task but a blessings that needs to be  take care of. We believe that if she learn this she will love us even more and she did until she got her own family.

Finding  a right nanny is not easy. I know because since my beloved nanny left us to get married when my baby turn six years old, I cannot find someone like her anymore, I have to give up my career in print media to be her replacement. So, if you find one make sure its the right one, remember its your child is always at risk.

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Maria Jhonson said...

I really like these above 7 ways to find a nanny. But beside it I will suggest one more way to find a nanny, i.e. through interview. Because we can select the desired nanny by asking the different question which are in our mind.