Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tips on How to help Kids in School Exams

School exam week again and I cram for my youngest child. So many lessons to review in her Mathematics, English, Science, Christian Living, Language, Music, to Filipino to Sibika at Kultura, from Computer to Physical Education, but Stephanie simply said "I can do that mom," with her sweet smile. 
I cram because of list of pointers to review found on her school diary, wow ang dami! After I see diptonggo and talasalitaan on her Filipino pointers to review. It is more on the feeling of "do I still know the subject?" helping her to review makes me go back to school again and I am nervous if I can't teach her all of these.
How can I review my child if I don't understand these lessons? Meaning, I also need to review from all her text books before our exam...I mean her exam.
OMG! I am studying again the parts of the eyes, nose, tongue, and ears.

This what mommies do, we guide our little ones for exams as they review, we also review like we will take exams too. Here's some simple tips how to help your child during exam week:
Some of my little girl's text books
1. Everyday check the school diary of your child 
Even you are busy, check your kids school diary. Teacher always put their instructions in students diary. It is a communication tool between you and the teacher about your kids work in school. Teacher often put remarks and note for parents for up coming quiz, assignments or spelling schedule.
I am guilty about this. One time I did not check my child's diary for she says she has no assignment,  only to find out  the next day that she got 8 score for 1 to 15 spelling, I missed
the spelling schedule.

2. Review your kids lessons everyday.
Never miss a day asking and read all the text books of your child. check her work in school. My kids text books are also their work book, they usually do their seat work after each lessons. Ask your child what does she learn from the seat work.
If it's a Science like parts of the eyes, better to ask her each one of the parts for her to memorizes them soon or even for Christian Living that they usually memorize memory verse.

3. Know your child interests. 
After a long day in school check your child's interest in school. Know her favorite subject of the day. (My child change her favorite subject everyday depends on activity of the day.) Know her interest of the day. In that way you can find out what academic subject you need to focus on for her advance review.
For my second grader, she hates Filipino and Computer. We memorized long enumeration of  early computing device and electronic devices and its uses in advance. Filipino diptonggo and talasalitaan.

4. Advance review makes no panic for exam week.
I always says this to my eldest daughter Sofia now in Grade six. "You will not cram in school test or even in quizzes if you always review your lessons everyday." You may think that I am strict mom, but I always remind my kids to check their assigments or memorize subjects that needs to be memorize  in advance.

5 Right study habits everyday.
From the start of school years of your child teach them the right study habit.
I stop reviewing my eldest for school examinations, spelling and quizzes when she was in grade three. When she already knows how to read a whole paragraph on her own and understands its thought. I am bless that until now she still in the top of her class and I am not worrying  reviewing her anymore.

6. Give them the right food everyday specially during exam week.
As much as possible start your kids school days with healthy food. Nutritious food can help them make the day in school without being sleepy specially during exam week.
Example, oily food can make them sleepy during reviews. Make them snappy by given them fruits and vegetables.
For my kids I always give them fresh natural juice mix of carrots, apples and cucumber. Our family doctor said it is better for everyone, specially to kids to have better digestion, eye sight and smooth skin.

Nourish and happy kids can be wise child. As parents gives them all the support that they  need as they grow and as they learn to study on their own.

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