Friday, August 2, 2013

How to own your own home?

Having your own home is not easy, finding ways to own one is everybody's dream. It feels amazing when you open your own door after long days of work.
The Bible says God promised everyone a house (Deutoronomy6:10). It is God's will for us to have our own houses, vines or businesses to work with and food and water to make us live.

Let me share some good points to inspire you to own a home of  your own:
Happy house is a Home

                                                     A home is a promise from God

1. Secure Home 
Having our own  home is one of th best years of my happiness as mom and wife. It is a fullfilment of God's promised that he will give me a home. God make it for my family, iam sure He will do it for you too.
It says in Isaiah 32:18 My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturebed places of rest. Everyone has a promise from God and we can claim it in Jesus name.

2. Your wife and children will florish in a home
It is a promise from God that if we have a home we will florish inside it (Psalm 128:3)
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your son will be like olive shoots around your table.

3. Counting the costs of Renting
Having your own home is a resting on eternal debt of renting. Renting is a cruel form of debt. Every woman deserve a home. Every man deserves a job. It is God desires to gave us home of our own (Psalm 128:13-14).
You will not own anything until you will own your own house. It is like giving all your money
To your landlord. If you own your own house little by little it will guaranteed a savings after years of paying it.
comparative price of renting and owning your home.

How to have your own house?

  • Build Gods House First.  It is a guarantee that if we put Gods house first he will build our too Haggai 1:1-11. 
  • Willing to fullfill stages in having your own home. Having your home requires patience. Little by little Gods promise will be fullfill, you need to save and full some strings. 
  • Set priorities. As you build your house, build your income first. You need to proiritize your income. Learn to know your priorities in lif, weather you like it or not money matters in having your own home. You need to proiritize ways on having money to  build your home.
  • Stop over spending.  Focus your goal to have your own home, over spending will not achieve your goal. no big parties, no vacation first, no to usual eating out that would spend too much! No to shopping every week. No to starbucks coffee everyday.
  • Discussion of Risk. Proverbs 4:25-27 Make a Level path. Make your plan straight towards your goal. You dont need to climb mountain or do the things that you cannot do. Reduce risk of making your plan. Make it firm, for example dont buy get property that beyond your limit budget.
  • Practicality. Make a budget for your plan. If you will own a house, you need to make payments. Make sure you have extra savings too. Count the total coast of your plan, make sure you can do on time payments for your house.
  • Maintenance. Maintain Gods blessing. Your house is a blessing from God, make sure you alot budget for maintenance of your house like you can fix your gutters or paints anytime you need maintenance.
The truth is you cannot have your own home if you would not work hard now and plan to get a home of your own. Dreams house do come true if you believe you can and God will transcend that dream to reality. 

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