Thursday, October 31, 2013

President Nonoy Aquino (P-Noy) is not a thief?

Like everybody else in the Philippines I assumed that the first President Noynoy Aquino's (P-Noy)  primetime broadcast last night is about national security. I was worried that there might be an event that needs emergency broadcast from Malacanang. My disappointed that he only cleared the nation that he is not the thief on the issue of Presidential Contengency Fund and PDAF and other corruption issues now.
I am relief for its not concern about national security, for I know the President would only use primetime broadcast for important matters such us national disaster, announcement of martial law, national security matters, but as a Filipino citizen I am sad that he just pointed to the broadcast that he is not the thief.
It's just like other President who used their broadcast for announcement of their "I am sorry."
President Nonoy Aquino emergency broadcast
We'll we cannot do about the braodcast now, its done and it is already in the mind of every Filipinos who watched it.
Some politician's and netizens says that there is no big impact on it, some says the speech done in good taste assuring everyone that our President is clean.

For me,  I am in the middle of it. I mean I am happy to know that my President is clean and he has guts to stand and say it in the middle of every issue of corruptions in the Government. I am proud I choose the lesser evil from his election.
Every President of the country have incountered issues of corruption,  but this time in my heart I know President Noynoy is telling the truth that he is not a thief, the guy is clean.

Not everyone will agree that the President is clean, but for me I want to give him a chance to prove himself. Atleast instead of saying I am sorry, admitting he done wrong to people, he says that he is clean and ready to face people to say he is not "magnanakaw, at hindi kami magnanakaw!" 
Every government has negative and contradiction about anything else in the goverment but what if the people will only give President a chance to govern right? Maybe we can have more jobs, more service to its constituents,  more citizens will be happy. Instead of provoking and telling bad to government, pray for the goverment.
We cannot perfect the goverment but the Bible says in 1 Thimothy 2:1-4 lets pray for the government to have peace and prosperity.
For now lets just be happy that our President is not magnanakaw. Right?

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