Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Confession of not a Dog Lover

I am no dog lover, I don't like dogs either. I think dog is only for people who will have time to take care of it and have a patience to teach them. Well, I have no time and I have no patience, I said I will just consume my time teaching and cooking for my two daughters until I bought from a dog breeder friend, our Nikon, a Shih Tzu puppy.

My kids are begging me for a long time to have one dog; I am not fond with dogs so I never wanted to and I did not have a plan, but my eldest, Sofia keep asking about it and promised, she will not bother me to take care of it. After long years of convincing me, finally on her 13th birthday we surprised her a gift, a Shih Tzu whose only two months old that time and she named her Nikon.
My kids and Nikon on her two months, first picture with us.

Dog Hesitant Me

I don't like a dog. I don't want it so I set some rules for my daughters before I agreed to have one:

First, I will not clean its mess, meaning I will not clean any wiwi and poop. It is clear with my kids that they owned Nikon, since they want her, they are the one responsible cleaning up its poop and wiwi, since she is not yet trained to do it on restroom, one area or out side the house. But after quite sometime now, Nikon is used to poop and wiwi outside the house at a certain time, sometimes she still wiwi in the sala, but kids are very good in cleaning it right away. I told them its poop and wiwi may leave bad odor in the house if they will not clean it ASAP.
Stephanie with Nikon at her three months
Second, no dog on our bedrooms, specially on my bed. Speaking of poop and wiwi, dogs have an animal smell that it cannot be removed even you bath them regularly and that's what I am afraid of. I don't like my bed to smell like a dog every time I wanted to rest. Good Thing Nikon has no bad scent, we ask her vet what's the best soap and cologne for her to not to stink like a dog, of course she still smells like dog, funny if she smell like a baby but at least she smells clean for she is always cuddling and playing with my kids.
Nikon During her bathe time
Third, She will stay in her room. I specifically say the Nikon can't stay inside the house, so we buy a small cage for her, I call it her room so that the kids will never cry bringing her in, I said the cage is her resting place, I told kids each one of us has a room so does Nikon too. We put it in the veranda next to our room for immediate checking if she is okay.

Getting to Love Dogs

Of course kids would always get her out of her "room" and play her in the sala, my rule number three has been broken that Nikon can't just stay inside the house. She never bark, she is just playful dog and wanted to be trained with tricks. she makes me happy every time she learned new tricks with the kids. It is fun to see my girls having fun with Nikon, music to my ears when they laugh for every accomplishment of their dog.
So now, I never mind Nikon playing around the sala and to every rooms of the house, my second rule has been broken also that dog is restricted on every room but not on my bed. Nikon is so sweet she always follows us around the house, she always sit beside Sofia when she standing doing her chores. Nikon always calls our attention by small bark when she wanted to wiwi or drink water and cutie sleeping under under our bed when she is tired. How can I resist her?
Nikon giving me puppy eyes

All my bad thoughts about having a dog are erased now while seeing our Nikon growing with us. She is only five months today but she gives us simple joy everyday, how much more when she grew up more. She knows now how to wiwi and poop outside the house so I never bother about the house scent now. We maintained bleach and mopping every corners of it to remove the dog scent everyday. I am the one who gives her bathe every two days, so I smell her every time she needs a quick bathe, funny for she will just follow me in the bathroom if she want to take a bathe, I am loving her now.

Loving Dog
How can I resist to love Nikon now for she is so sweet and loving dog. When she see, me she will throw her self at my feet to give her hug and waving her tails, biting my toes to scratch her tummy
When I am out and back home she will bark to recognized me.
When I am hugging her she will leaned her body towards me like telling me "iloveyou".
She is fond to be with for she will show her tricks with your friends, like shes showing you that she learned it from you. I am looking for her if I don't see her around with my kids.

Yes I am beginning to love dog, I am loving our Nikon.

Be Blessed everyone...

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