Friday, June 12, 2015

SEA Games 2015 points of laughing

Filipino Divers in SEA Games in Singapore scores zero-zero after a splashy-embarrasing attempt to men's 3m springboard last June 10, 2015.

It must have been tough for these divers to represent Philippines and then gain booos from Filipinos too. The Filipino diver John David Pahoyo 17-year old who became a laughing stock online after this video became viral.

Whats Funny? 
As if this young diver never knew what competition is? As if this athlete just went to a pool party with his friends and jump for his friends to laugh. I just found my self laughing too after watching the video, is like "talon sa ilog" (jump in  river). Filipinos all over the world may share my thoughts that this guys trained from "ilog" (river), It is funny because he is representing Philippines , this simply shows a Filipino style of diving ...all natural. Maybe he forgot that he is in SEA Games representing the Philippines.

In reports from The Straits even Pahoyo found his diving funny, but more than laughing stock he learned from the experience. 
He said " But after all this was not the first time I failed a dive, and I was not the first one who did so. And I am still proud because not all of us has the privilege to represent our own country to such sporting event like this. And by the way can I ask all of you can still smile after getting embarrassed in front of thousands people."

Of course people will just comment whatever they wanted to say, as if they know the person involved. As if they know how to dive like these athletes. I am sure the parents are proud regardless of what happened. Knowing that they trained for only four days for SEA games we should give them a standing ovation for taking the challenge in behalf of our country.

What a failure?
Reports says they only trained for four days before the SEA Games. How does the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) allow them to be trained only for four days for this big game? Are they allowed to go to a SEA games without proper training?
Are they qualified for being an athlete? What must have been the qualifications for Philippine Team? Maybe if they were train more time it will not happen. Philippine Sports Commission should really try harder in training and finding an athlete for SEA Games and Olympic Games . Don't you think?

Still Proud
As a Filipino I am still proud of these Filipino athletes, regardless of enough training they never hesitate to compete and show what Filipino is in this sporting event. They are truly Pinoy sa isip sa puso, sa gawa at sa diving, diba?

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